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From New Zealand. I watch TV a lot. Facebook page: Cut Your Teeth NZ
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Trophy Eyes - In Return

The tests came in,
You were sick,
But it’s not like I didn’t care,
I just couldn’t hear it.
A wheelchair would never take my mum,
If I just ignored it.

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Capsize - Pale

I’ve given life my everything, but I still fell short. 
And if tomorrow isn’t coming my way, I won’t lose sleep. 

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I have stayed up for hours going through your blog. I will not stop till I get to the end. No matter what no sleep for me till I just pass out. I love your blog so much. I'm sorry if I come off as creepy. I just love your photography and everything else. I'm a amateur photographer myself, mostly for fun for myself.


Sometimes I sing a knock-off version of Limp Bizkit to myself…Scrollin’ scrollin’ scrollin’ (Air Raid Vehicle) 

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The Madden Brothers reading the weather on New Zealand TV for some reason

What are you majoring in?


At the moment, journalism. In my undergraduate degree it was a double major in politics and film. 

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oneoddobsession replied to your post: Today we spent 20 minutes educating on…

Should have followed it with Minaj’s ‘Anaconda’

We were actually going to do that afterwards but we ran out of time.

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