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From New Zealand. I watch TV a lot. Facebook page: Cut Your Teeth NZ Twitter: @CraigTRobertson
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About Me

Craig, New Zealand.

Alcohol-free, drug-free, meat-free. 

I have never and will never change my views on alcohol and drugs. 

Be kind. Love all people.

Some of the things that I believe:

I believe in equality, justice and human rights. I believe that love conquers hatred and that light still shines even in the darkest of places.

Show one another love, acceptance, tolerance and understanding. Live with grace, exercise patience and always speak and act with consideration.

We all live in this world together and it’s a better place if we live in harmony.

Hate no-one. Seek to be a positive change. Strive to make the world a better place.

We all make mistakes, but we are human. There is forgiveness for all of us. There is always the opportunity to make things right.

Every person has their own inherent worth and value. There is a purpose for each of our lives. We need only to seek out that purpose and to live with passion.

I strive to speak and act with balance, consideration and a humble heart. I believe in being reasonable and rational - there is enough conflict in the world and I need not create any more. I believe in peace.

I also believe in truth, in having faith and above all in having hope. We would be nowhere in this world without hope.