From New Zealand. I watch TV a lot. Twitter @CraigTRobertson
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depressed, bored and extremely unsocial. it’s not a good recipe.

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I hate New Zealand. It’s too small. Everybody knows everybody. There is literally only two degrees of separation between everyone and it’s impossible to escape from people and escape from your past. I need to get out and start fresh.

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[anxiously hopes u consider me a friend]

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fulloflightning replied to your post: Anyone know how to give a neck rub/mas…

You bout to get the thirstiest asks

I never actually get asks like that. 

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Anyone know how to give a neck rub/massage? Because my neck is sore and it’s killing me.

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How many New Zealanders actually follow me?

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Devil Sold His Soul - No Remorse, No Regrets

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Want to die. Don’t have the guts to do it.

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